Job Openings

FutureCare is hiring experienced RNs from the Philippines and commits to support those who may be interested in this employment and immigration support opportunity.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, FutureCare Health and Management Corporation, operates 15 Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing facilities in the greater Baltimore area.

FutureCare is an employer with a long and very successful record of supporting and completing their recruitment projects. FutureCare has been recruiting talented RNs from the Philippines since 2002. It has supported the immigration and employment of almost a hundred RNs in that time period and they have had a great retention rate with those RNs.


FutureCare is hiring RNs with at least one year of clinical experience for its 15 Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing facilities in the greater Baltimore area in Maryland, USA.

  • FutureCare currently starts their new RNs out at a minimum rate of $31.00 per hour. And after the RNs are fully licensed and have completed their on-boarding and training, the hourly rate goes up to as high as $47.00 depending on the number of years of work experience prior to hiring.

  • FutureCare provides:

    • Health and life insurance

    • 401k retirement plan

    • Shift differential pay for weekday afternoon/evening shift and weekend shift

    • Paid time off (vacation and sick leave) and other benefits

  • FutureCare provides free airfare, three months of paid furnished housing and a $600 cash advance for groceries and other needs upon arrival.

  • FutureCare provides a budget of up to $2,500 to support credentials gathering efforts, including NCLEX and IELTS.

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